Stone Masonry

Stone Installation, Repair & Restoration

Stone is unrivaled in its strength and beauty, which makes it one of the top choices for a variety of applications in construction in New Orleans. Whether you’re looking for stonework for your residence’s interior or exterior, a beautiful stone wall, an outdoor stone fire pit, stone fireplace, or a new retaining wall, choose to work with the professional stone masons at Masonry New Orleans to get results you can depend on. Our professional stonemasons can provide a variety of looks and styles to make your property really stand out!

Stone Installation

Our professionalism and skill at stone masonry sets our professionals apart. If you are looking for local stonemasons or stone masonry contractors in New Orleans who have the capability to deliver a wide range of stone masonry buildings, choosing to contact our professionals is a wise move because we have unparalleled knowledge and experience in working with stone. We are dedicated to providing outstanding results, and if you are concerned about the cost of a stone wall, we can provide a price that is within your budget.


Hiring the correct local masonry company not only ensures you get outstanding stone installation, but we also provide stone restoration services. If your property already has stonework in place, and you are looking for stone restoration services, we have the capability to renew the aesthetics and practical benefits of your stonework. We can provide you with the most experienced and capable restoration services in the area.

Stone Masonry Repair

Along with the restoration services we provide, our experts also provide repair services, which can return the appearance of your stone installations and maintain the strength and reliability that stone construction is known for. We provide a wide range of masonry services, from new stonework installations, to repairs and restoration services, which will keep your property in the best possible condition. You can count on us to provide masonry services done right!

Interior Stonework

Not only can our professionals provide exterior services on your property, but we also provide a variety of interior stonework solutions that can add a new level of aesthetics and strength to the inside of your home or business. Whether you are looking to create a magnificent fireplace, feature wall, install a stone pass arch or any other stone design, you can call our professionals to design the perfect feature and to have it installed affordably and quickly. No task is too large or too small for our experts.

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What is a bond stone and other stone masonry information

gray and black stone block wall
gray and black stone block wall

When a wall or other structure is constructed with stone, a series of bond stones are put in place to ensure the structure stays together. A bond stone is sometimes called a “through stone” or “tie stone.” It extends through the width of the entire wall - from the exterior of the wall, to the interior side of the wall. Stone walls are typically built in two layers, with the bond stone going through these layers to keep them together so they do not fall apart or split in the middle. Middle gaps are usually filled with rubble, and bond stones are spread evenly throughout the face of the wall so the entire wall is a solid object. Bond stones are commonly used with rubble masonry.

Rubble masonry uses stones with rough edges that have not been hammered into shape. Joints are often irregular in thickness, giving rubble masonry a more rugged feel. Rubble masonry is divided into three subdivisions: squared rubble masonry, random rubble masonry, and dry rubble masonry. Random rubble masonry is the roughest and cheapest type of masonry. It uses stones that are not uniform. These different size and shape stones come together to form the structure, and gaps are filled with mortar. Squared rubble masonry uses stones that are hammered into the square shape to create more uniform stones. Dry rubble masonry uses a variety of stones, which fit together eliminating the need for mortar. With this type of masonry, the walls should not exceed six meters in height.

Another type of masonry is ashlars masonry, which is more costly and uses finely shaped stones. Unlike rubble masonry, all joints, stones, thickness, and other aspects are uniform, which creates a wall that looks great and stands strong. Joints in ashlar masonry are firmly sealed together with lime mortar or concrete. Ashlars masonry is often used in architectural buildings, pier/columns, bridges, and other massive structures. ​

What does a stonemason do?

Masons work with bricks, cement, concrete blocks, as well as natural and manmade stone to construct bridges, walls, fences, walkways, and other features that can be built of stone-like-materials.

Often masons specialize in one material - such as stone masons, or brick masons. Stonemasons build stone structures such as walls, piers, and abutments. They create curbstones, stone walks, or special types of masonry for tanks, vats, and floors. A stonemason’s main tools are simply a hammer and chisel that they use to form rocks and make them fit together to create a masterful structure. Usually stone masons use masonry stone, which is a carved stone block cut from solid natural rock. Masons take this stone and then form it to make precise shapes that create firm structures, sculptures, or monuments. The work from a skilled stonemason can last for hundreds of years. For example, just look at the ancient structures and aqueducts in Rome, and the castles of Europe.

Stone Aqueduct
Stone Aqueduct